Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Waka Tapu by Jeff Evans.

I listened and read this article
In a nutshell I learnt...

What is it about?This story was about two Wakas  Te Aurere and Ngahiraka Mai Tawhiti that Sailed to Rapanui (Easter Island).

Where did it take place?Their first stop was at Tubuai Island then they sailed to Mangareva then at the end they were at Rapanui.

When did this happen?They sailed in 2012.

Who are they talking about?They are talking about the polynesian voyagers and Hekenukumai Busby.

Why did they travel?The voyagers was the dream of the Master Waka builder Hekenukumai Busby.

How did they travel?They travelled on Wakas.

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