Tuesday, April 10, 2018


My sgraffito shows…
Mokoia Pa, was a  volcano that Maori people grew vegetables on because it had fertile soil. They also had fish to eat in the Tamaki River that was close to Mokoia Pa. The Tamaki River was also good to send vegetables by Waka. Mokoia Pa was a fortified pa that was built for Maori people to protect them from other tribes, that tried to steal their fish and vegetables.  It was good that they lived on a tall hill, so they could keep an eye on any tribes that came to steal their pa. The people that lived on Mokoia Pa were the Maori people. Did you know that before the Panmure Bridge existed, the bridge that was there was a swing bridge.

WALT: I learnt about Mokoia Pa. My challenge is for me to remember to add a space after a full stop.

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  1. Brilliant facts that you have summarised to share your learning.