Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Panmure Bridge

Panmure Bridge
One day Room 8 went to the Yacht club to view the beautiful site of the first bridge that was built.The Panmure bridge was built in between Pakuranga and Panmure.It was actually a swing bridge.A swing bridge is a bridge that opens and closes for big boats to go under it.

In the olden days, There was a man called Hemi who owned farms in Pakuranga. Hemi produced oats,fruits,grains,veggies and had animals that he would transport in a boat called a punt all over the entire world to make money.But now the Panmure bridge has been demolished and has been made into a new bridge that will not break.

Two weeks ago something bad happened, a concrete bridge collapsed onto passing cars.It was sad because some were badly injured and some people survived.There was a police helicopter that came to see if they could hear any survivors, but unfortunately they couldn’t hear anything or anyone so the helicopter left.

One year ago a woman tried to cross the 8 lane highway.But while she was crossing she got hit by a car and passed away.

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